About Us

Mutha Group comprises of different parent company which includes Mutha Constructions, Mutha Technosoft, Mutha Jewelers, Mutha Education and Mutha Foundation. Each of the company has its own distinctive features and imbued the organization with the core values of professionalism, transparency, a determined firmness of delivering on its commitments and an overriding belief in inclusive growth.

Over Decades, Mutha group is growing on a greater pace by adopting new and advanced technology to satisfy the customer needs. A success is achieved only when there is unity in team and we believe in working hand In hand as a team to reach at a pinnacle.

Mutha Group has a wide marketing network which leads to a strong customer base. We do not only believe in providing a huge network for customer base but also contributing towards the welfare of the society and environment.

As it’s said “A pen is mightier than a sword”, we also do provide education to the needy ones who are willing to learn but because of financial reason they are not able to get a proper education.

In response to the market changes, we do adopt dynamic strategies for a sustainable growth.

The economic growth is not achieved solely but by contributing as a team towards the economy.

Our Leadership

Chairman Of Mutha Group Manish Mutha | Managing Dirctor Of Mutha Group MR. PRAKSH MUTHA

Mr.Prakash Mutha, a Businessman, Industrialist, Community leader and socialist. He is an eminent member of the society, respected as much as for his Entrepreneurial skills for his contribution to social causes. Mr.Prakash Mutha is the Founder of Mutha Group which includes Mutha Construction, Mutha Jewelers, Mutha Technosoft, Mutha College and Mutha Foundation. Mr.prakash Mutha is also committed to catalyzing social and economic change in society through high impact interventions in education, livelihoods, public health and socio-cultural programs.

Managing Director Manish Mutha | Managing Dirctor Of Mutha Group MR. MANISH MUTHA

Manish Mutha, Son of Mr.prakash Mutha is helping his father in the Mutha Group. Manish Mutha is the youthful face of the Mutha Group. Dynamic, composed and farsighted, he is involved in all aspects of the business and has been entrusted to build upon the Mutha Group’s success and take it further. Like father, like son.

Managing Director Manish Mutha | Managing Dirctor Of Mutha Group MR. AVINASH MUTHA

Avinash Mutha too is a chip off the old block. Guided and groomed by father and elder brother, he began learning the nuances of the business early on. Representing the next generation of the Mutha Group, he is playing an important role in exploring opportunities and ensuring the future growth and success of the Mutha Group.